Our company provides Russians with the opportunity to study Japanese in Japan with a well-paid part-time job.

A language school is a real opportunity to live a decent life in one of the most developed countries in the world. In a year or two, you will learn Japanese and can go to university, college, or get a good job in Japan. In addition, you will earn extra money to pay for your studies and personal accommodations.

We help the student learn the initial base level of the Japanese language for a comfortable beginning of receiving an education in Japan, in order to go study and become an in-demand specialist, not only in Japan, but anywhere in the world. After all, the popularity of Japan and the Japanese language is growing every year, and the need for foreign specialists in the country is also growing.

For futher information, please call +7-950-3-888-666. Our managers will help you free of charge to choose a Japanese language school and plan your trip.

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