A prerequisite for sending applicants for the "TITP" and "Special Skills" is the completion of an intensive course of Japanese language. As a result, students will be able to discuss everyday topics, understand simple spoken Japanese, and also master the vocabulary and terms necessary for a specific working specialty. In addition to language classes, there are lectures on life and etiquette in Japanese society, the culture of Japan, and safety in the workplace.

Technical intern trainees are trained by an experienced teacher with 12 years of work experience, who graduated from Buryat State University with the qualification "Orientalist-philologist, translator-referent of the Japanese language", who has a Ph.D. in philology, a law degree, a teacher's certificate of additional education in Japanese school "Subaru" in Japan. Also, the Japanese language teacher has a JLPT N1 certificate and graduated with honors from Buryat State University and completed an annual internship at Wakayama University under the program of the Japanese Ministry of Education "Nikkensei."

Our teachers
Moreover, students are given the opportunity to regularly practice language with native Japanese speakers, both directly with those living in Ulan-Ude, and remotely with a teacher from Japan.
To perform educational activities, our company received a special educational license from the Government of Russia. This grants us official permission to teach Japanese language and culture. To obtain it, we passed the verification of the educational program, curriculum, training materials, training equipment, as well as inspections of the classroom for fire safety and compliance with sanitary standards.

All conditions have been created for training in the company. Classrooms are well-equipped with the use of the latest educational technologies.
Classroom's photos

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